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Neolithic Pottery from Loch Marabhat

This fascinating collection of early Neolithic pottery was discovered in Loch Maravat, Lower Shader by local diver Chris Murray.

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Tractor Art Hebrides

Ness Based artist Sallie Avis began painting tractors in 2015. It all started when she saw her father working on his Ferguson TEA 20. She wanted to create a memory, to draw and paint the tractor which has been in the family since 1963. This was the beginning of Tractor Art Hebrides, a hobby which now takes up all of Sallie’s free time, creating stock and working on Tractor Art commissions.

Alice Macmillan

Alice Macmillan is an artist and printmaker based in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland. Specialising in linocuts, Alice’s work explores
the flora and fauna of the Western Isles. Through detailed mark-making Alice aims to capture the subtle movement and tonal qualities of ‘micro-environments’ bringing the scenes to life with details such as: drops of rain, ripples in water or shimmering fish scales. These
details create an energy, a snapshot of a moment in nature allowing the viewer to experience the essence of an encounter with the wild.

Visit website: or follow @alicemacprints on Instagram.

Nobody's Home by John Maher

Celebrated photographer John Maher’s images provide a unique perspective on Hebridean life and landscapes.

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World War 1 Memorial

Commemorating the centenary of the start of World War 1 was a particularly important task for Comunn Eachdraidh Nis in 2014. 

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Nis Aosmhor

Dan Morrison (Dan na Sparaig as he was known locally) was a keen amateur photographer whose images captured the people and life of a Ness community which has now been consigned to archives and historical records.

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40th Anniversary Exhibition

In 2017, Comunn Eachdraidh Nis celebrated 40 years since its establishment in 1977. To mark this significant milestone, we showcased ‘Sealladh air na Seachdadan’ (A Lookback at the 70s), an exhibition to commemorate Ness in the seventies.

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Ness FC

An exhibition was held in 2014 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Ness Football Club’s first Highland Amateur Cup victory.

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Ùrachadh - The Renewal of An Sulaire

Mhairi Law is an award-winning photographer from the Scottish Borders. Having visited the Hebrides for most of her life, she moved to the Isle of Lewis in 2017, where she established analogue photography gallery and studio, Island Darkroom. 

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SS Norge

In 1904, the SS Norge was making her way to the United States carrying 405 Russian Jews and Finns who were trying to escape Tsarist oppression in Russia and Finland. The journey to what they had hoped was to be a new life turned into a living nightmare in the Atlantic Ocean when the ship hit rocks near Rockall and began to sink.


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Eadar Talamh is Tìr

Màiri Gillies is interested in the overlapping layers through time of peoples, language, material cultures, relationships with the environment and how these connect and relate to one another. 

Sandra Kennedy is an artist who explores connection to landscape. All senses are active in absorbing the surface sensation of place and detail. 

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Sùlaisgeir: Through a Lens

Scott Davidson grew up in the village of Barvas and his mother and grandfather were from Port of Ness. He has made eight trips to Sulaisgeir and this exhibition showcased his talent for capturing this important tradition. 

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