EV Charger

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RolecEV Charger and Monta App

Comunn Eachdraidh Nis can now provide two charging bays for electric vehicles.  We have a charging cable available, if required, giving up to 22kw/h AC charge, (where available with your vehicle).  Please note, this is an AC charger and not DC so the maximum KW charge available will depend on your own vehicle charging system.  


We use MONTA CHARGE as our app for connecting and charging and this can be downloaded onsite or before you arrive.  If you require wifi for your connection, please ask and we can provide you with the wifi name and password.  The Monta App is set-up to give a standard cost for a charge but this will automatically adjust as you disconnect and will charge you accordingly.   


We hope this facility will help all our EV users on their journey around the northern route of Lewis and the Western Isles and if you have any queries of questions please call into the museum at Comunn Eachdriadh Nis for more assistance.