Hardback: Place Names of North Lewis


A bilingual, extensive collection of interviews, maps and memory maps detailing the place names of North Lewis.


410 pages.

"An extraordinary labour of love, rescuing memory from oblivion and providing a fascinating cultural reference point for future generations. The love of the land, the culture and the language shouts out at you from every page." 

Peter May

"Eachdraidh le Càirdeas is Cridhe is a remarkable collection of the place-names of the North of Lewis, with stories and legends associated with them. The book is a great testament to the power and continued importance of oral tradition: it tells a deep, rich history of the land and the people who lived on it, and eloquently gives a way of reading the landscape that is passing out of communal memory."

Peter Mackay Lecturer in Literature, University of St Andrews

 "Eachdraidh le Càirdeas is Cridhe (heart and soul) gives us an unparalleled kaleidoscopic view of peoples’ life, work, sense of place and lived experience in a vibrant Gaelic community in the 20th century. It speaks to the relationship between people and their land. This is the lens through which place-names are viewed. This is History by the people and for the people, the fruit of the Comunn Eachdraidh’s pioneering work in Ness over the last two generations. Anyone with an interest in community, in social history, human geography or with any interest at all in life in the Gàidhealtachd should read this."

Dr Aonghas MacCoinnich, University of Glasgow