Soirée diffuser


Specially made for Comunn Eachdraidh Nis by Essence of Harris.

Soirée's citrus scent is inspired by John Nicholson 'Iain an Fiosaich' and his wife Nora Barney Cushing. 

Nora led an extraordinary life. From her early days as a Rhode Island heiress, she moved to early 20th century Ness after marrying local man and Brethren preacher 'Iain an Fiosaich.' While they are perhaps best known for building a church and house for the sheiling villages of Biliscleiter and Cuishader, they also built a Mission Hall in Adabrock. This hall was a popular venue for church services as well as being their own home. It was here they held a Sunday School, and where Nora introduced a summer 'soirée'.

Immortalised in Ness as 'Suairidh An Fiosaich', it was a celebration of summer and community. The soirée was open to all and as the newly planted veronica hedges bloomed, an impressive feast was laid out. But most treasured of all, as the children left for home, her parting gift of an orange. Exotic, treasured and fondly remembered.